Lino Contento is one of the best-known mortgage experts in the Vaughan region. He is respected for his hard work, his easy availability and his ability to provide clear advice and creative solutions to meet the needs of his clients. Lino has worked in the banking and mortgage industry since 1987. He has been a Mortgage Specialist since 1999, working with both BMO and RBC. He was consistently ranked as one of the top performers at both lenders and made the decision to strike out on his own in 2020 because he believed he could better service his clients as an independent. As the lead agent with Foundational Growth he runs a business powered by Sherwood Mortgage Group Lic. No 12176. Lino is a multiple Conference Award Winner, Chairman’s Roundtable Winner, Platinum/Gold Club Winner and is ranked among the Top 1% of mortgage agents across Canada. He also is a Star Convention Winner and the recipient of the Top Choice 2021 Mortgage Broker Award for the Vaughan region. When you partner with Lino, you can feel confident that you’re working with one of the best in the industry.